First Presbyterian Church
Thursday, May 30, 2024
to be make disciples.

Missionary Contact Guidelines

                                                                            FPC CORINTH

1. Do not criticize the host country's government or policies.

2. Do not mention missions, evangelism, witnessing, giving out Bibles, the country's church, support raising, or other overseas workers, etc.

3. Do not send missionary prayer letters, tracts, church bulletins, mission magazines, Bibles, etc.

4. Do not send correspondence on church stationery or packaging with church labels.

5. Do not mention your missionary's friends in the host country who might be interested in Christianity.

6. Limit your use of Christian language to talking about your own spiritual life. You can quote Scripture but moderation is the key. In most instances, avoidance of Scriptural references is prudent.

7. Do not send bulk mail to missionaries in Asia, the Middle East, or other know closed countries.

8. Only give out your missionary's e-mail or mailing address to people who have a copy of these guidelines. It is also advisable to have permission from the missionary or mission committee chairman before you give out a missionary's e-mail address to anyone.

9. Do not post any information from or about a missionary on social media or a prayer chain. Do not forward any e-mails or updates without permission.

10. Please DO write to our missionaries. Mail is a cherished and important encouragement. A note about what's happening in your life could make our missionary's day. First class mail, in most cases, can take weeks to reach a missionary, so be sure to send mail early!

These guidelines should be followed for ALL phone calls, e-mails, letters, blogs and packages.